Adoption Process

So, you’ve read all about our facility. You’ve learned our story. Most importantly, you’ve browsed our photos and enjoyed some Happy Tales. Now, you’re head-over-heels for one of our expectant Mama dogs, and you’re ready to commit.

The process of choosing, adopting, and then waiting for your perfect puppy can sometimes feel like a long one . . . But as we all know, the best things in life take time. And take it from us—the time we spend prepping your puppy for their life with you is absolutely magical!

If you’re getting serious about adopting and wondering what that process looks like, here’s an inside glimpse at the prerequisites and milestones that await you.

STEP ONE: Selecting Your Litter

The opening page of your puppy’s story starts with your decision. Do you have a preference for certain parent dogs? Are you fond of particular markings? Would you prefer a boy puppy or a girl puppy? If you haven’t yet, feel free to browse our adoptable puppies and expected litters.

Once you’ve found a puppy or expectant Mama dog that’s captured your heart, it’s time to apply for adoption. Our owners, the Howan family, will personally review your information and decide whether you’re ready to be a puppy parent. Once you’re approved, you simply put down your deposit and move on to Step Two.

STEP TWO: Puppy Arrival

Whether you choose an expected litter or an adoptable puppy, your puppy will spend the first eight weeks of life right here at Hawksbill Farm Sheepadoodles. If you’ve been waiting for your puppy’s birth, don’t worry—we’ll let you know as soon as he’s made his entrance into the world!

When your puppy is first born, his eyes will be closed, he’ll be very dependent on Mama, and he’ll spend most of his time drinking milk and scooting around on his belly. During these early weeks, he’ll meet our in-house veterinarian for a quick checkup. He’ll also spend lots of time playing with his brothers and sisters, hanging out in the Howan family home, and exploring our facility (5,000 square feet is a LOT of ground for someone so small to cover!). Your puppy probably isn’t quite potty trained yet, but don’t worry—the Hawksbill team is constantly keeping an eye out for messes to make sure your puppy stays clean and healthy as he continues to grow bigger and stronger.


STEP THREE: Selecting Puppy

Eight weeks may sound like a long time, but it goes by faster than you’d think! Before you know it, your puppy will be ready to leave Hawksbill and start her new life with you. Once those eight weeks have passed, you simply complete the rest of your payment and plan your trip to Hawksbill. When you arrive to pick your puppy up, she’ll be groomed, vetted, and current on all her vaccinations. This is the most exciting part, but also the simplest—you come to the Farm to greet your new pup, and we’ll give her one last belly rub, say goodbye, and wish your family the very best. You’ll introduce her to your household knowing she’s happy, healthy, and fully backed by our 2-Year Health Guarantee.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last you hear of us—we typically like to do six-month check-ins just to make sure everything is going smoothly and answer any questions you may have about your puppy’s development.

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