Our Facility

Let’s shoot straight with each other for a sec—dog breeders get a bad rep. Ask a random person on the street what images the words “dog breeding” conjure, and you’re likely to get heartbreaking responses like, “puppy mills,” “inbreeding,” or “low quality of life.” Quite honestly, we hate that breeders like that are allowed to stay in business. We feel strongly that dogs—purebred and otherwise—deserve to live comfortable, fulfilled lives.

When we opened Hawksbill Farm Sheepadoodles, our very first order of business was to ensure the highest quality of living possible for all our current and future dogs. How, you ask? By prioritizing the creation of a modern, innovative facility that we know will serve our dogs well for years to come.

The Basics

Our dogs and their pups spend the majority of their time in our 5,000-square-foot facility. Here, they have access to all the basics: top-shelf quality dog food, plenty of water, and an indoor space that’s climate-controlled around the clock via central AC and heat. During times of extreme temperatures, we often joke that the dogs’ space is cozier/cooler than our own.

Waste Management

While our adult dogs are housebroken, we recognized early on that puppies will be puppies. We included specially designed, gently sloping floors and an innovative drainage system that allows us to easily clean up should someone have an accident. Though we don’t typically need to clean quite this often, we check the facility every two hours to take care of any messes as they occur. This means our pooches and staff always enjoy a clean, well-kept facility.

Playtime & Socialization

Speaking of our staff, we’re happy to employ a dedicated five-person crew to work directly with our dogs. Our team members love all the dogs as if they were their own, and their highest priority is keeping all the animals healthy, clean, and happy.

From 7 am to 10 pm, the dogs enjoy time with humans no less than every two hours. This can come in the form of grooming (more on that in a sec), facility maintenance, or the dogs’ favorite, playtime. At Hawksbill Farm Sheepadoodles, our dogs enjoy an expansive, fenced outdoor play area, so there’s never any shortage of sunlight, fresh air, or room to stretch their legs.

Even with all that, we know that sheepadoodles are highly intelligent, social creatures. We wanted to be extra sure that all our adult dogs and puppies were receiving the attention they need to thrive. For this reason, we allow all our adult dogs and pups to hang out and stay overnight in our family home from time to time. While we can’t fit them all in at once, we rotate them in shifts, allowing each once to spend quality time with our family members, friends, and personal pets. This gives the dogs a chance for quality, one-on-one socialization with our family and allows us to get to know each dog’s personality a little better. (Spoiler alert: They’re all equally wonderful.)

Health & Grooming

Our dogs’ health and happiness is our top priority. To ensure that every dog stays in tip-top health, we provide in-house veterinary care. Our vet completes regular checkups on all our adult dogs and puppies, keeping everyone up-to-date on basic healthcare and vaccinations. By the time your puppy goes home with you, he or she is properly vetted and ready to explore the world. Each puppy is also subject to our 2-year Health Guarantee, so you can feel confident in your pup’s health for the long-term. You can read more about that here.

While health starts on the inside, we know that the outside matters too! We installed an on-site hydraulic grooming station to make grooming as pleasant and easy as possible for the whole Hawksbill gang. All our dogs enjoy warm baths in our stainless steel bathtub at least every two weeks, and our team works tirelessly to keep everyone looking and feeling their very best.

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