Meet the Parents

Healthy, Happy Parents Produce Healthy, Happy Puppies

Don’t get us wrong—we think puppies are absolutely stinkin’ adorable, too. But why should they be the only stars of this show??

Introducing our Mama and Papa dogs. We scoured the whole southeastern region looking for the best Old English sheepdogs and poodles around; call us biased, but we’re pretty sure we found them in this bunch. Each adult dog has been genetically tested and deemed 100% healthy.

We invite you to “meet” all the parents of Hawksbill Farm Sheepadoodles. Simply click through, enjoy the sweet photos, and see if any of our dogs tug on your heartstrings in that special way. When you’re through, feel free to hop over to our Adoptable Puppies and Planned Litters pages to learn more about which of our lucky pooches are expecting.



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