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Sheepadoodle puppies raised with love in Stanley, Virginia.

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From hand-selecting the happiest, healthiest parent dogs in the region to maintaining a comfortable, nurturing environment for every pup that comes through our facility, our whole business revolves around treating our dogs with love and respect.

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All Puppies Come With a 2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee!

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"Happy Tails"

Here at Hawksbill Farm Sheepadoodles, we’re passionate about pairing folks with their fuzziest family members. Nothing makes us smile bigger than hearing about the progress our pups are making in their new homes! Check out our "Happy Tails" page for testimonials and pupdates on former Hawksbill Farms residents.

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Lillian D.

I purchased a Old English Sheepdog from Hawksbill Farms back in December of 2019 , he is an absolute treasure. He is now 8months old and so far not a single problem with health or behavior. He was house trained in a week and can fist bump, sit and lay down when asked . He is definitely very friendly and loving. He has been a god send to me. This photo was taken this morning and his coat has been clipped down for summer and will grow back for fall. His name is Oliver and he is one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever had. He rides in the car almost daily and over all he is just great.


Willis C.

I got my OES from Santa at Christmas. I simply LOVE him so much. His name is Bandit and he is my best buddy. We thank Hawksbill Farm for their excellence in their breeds and highly recommended them. 

Mary M.


Can’t speak highly enough about Randy and Hawksbill Farm. A truly stand up group that listens to their customers and provides top service and support. We love our Sheepadoodle and appreciate everything that was done to support our needs! 



We got an Old English Sheepdog from you in December 2019. Merlin is the sweetest dog with such a great personality. I have never had a dog who was more cuddly, gentle, and good tempered. 


Deborah A.

We picked up our adorable Sulley 5 months ago. He is a wonderful, smart, fun pup. He loves his blanket and is a joy. He is now 7 months and continues to keep us smiling. We are so pleased with our experience and recommend Hawksbill Farm to everyone.



Finn is a delight - smart, friendly and eager to please. He is also huge @60lbs and almost 7 months. He has been easy to train and gets along well with our older boy, Beau. We are looking forward to many years of fun! 

Average Weight Expectations

Please note that the final weight of your dog can not be predicted, but you can get a rough idea by taking the average of the two parent dogs to find out what yours will most likely end up weighing.

Standard Poodle

Male: 45-70 lbs.
Female: 45-60 lbs.

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Male: 60-85 lbs.
Female: 50-75 lbs.

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Sheepadoodles - We Love Them

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Learn about Hawksbill facilities and how we care for the puppies.

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