Happy Tails

The hardest part of our work here at Hawksbill Farm Kennel is saying goodbye to our puppies on the day they go home... So we’re ALWAYS delighted when our pups and their families choose to stay in touch!

Scroll through this page for pupdates, testimonials, and (of course) photos that will make you say, “Awwww.” We’ve got a lot of Happy Tails to share around here, but these are a few of our favorites.

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Oliver's Story

I purchased an Old English Sheepdog from Hawksbill Kennels back in December of 2019 , he is an absolute treasure. He is now 8 months old and so far not a single problem with health or behavior. He was house trained in a week and can fist bump, sit and lay down when asked . He is definitely very friendly and loving. He has been a god send to me. This photo was taken this morning and his coat has been clipped down for summer and will grow back for fall. His name is Oliver and he is one of the most wonderful dogs I have ever had. He rides in the car almost daily and over all he is just great.

Bandit's Story

I got my OES from Santa at Christmas. I simply LOVE him so much. His name is Bandit and he is my best buddy. We thank Hawksbill Farm Kennel for their excellence in their breeds and highly recommended them.


Merlin's Story

We got an Old English Sheepdog from Hawksbill Farm Kennel in December 2019. Merlin is the sweetest dog with such a great personality. I have never had a dog who was more cuddly, gentle, and good tempered.

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