Sheepadoodles: Everything You Want to Know

Whether you arrived at our site feeling like a sheepadoodle expert or you just came here for the puppy photos and found yourself wanting more, we get it! Sheepadoodles are beautiful, fascinating dogs that are well worth taking some time to learn about.

If you’re considering becoming a sheepadoodle parent, there are a few things we feel you really ought to know first. Keep reading for more information about sheepadoodle breed characteristics, caring for your sheepadoodle, and everything else you’ll want to know before bringing one of our puppies home.

What Is a Sheepadoodle?

Sheepadoodles are a type of dog produced by breeding a poodle with an Old English sheepdog. Known for their unique markings and beautiful coats, sheepadoodles are extremely low-shed, making them a great option for people with allergies (or people who are concerned about keeping dog fur off their furniture).

Sheepadoodle Temperament

Sheepadoodles are bred to be extraordinarily loyal and kind dogs who will love your family unconditionally. They’re an energetic breed, which is precisely why we recommend that our sheepadoodles go to families with fenced backyards and relatively active lifestyles.

They also tend to be extremely intelligent, even-tempered, and gentle, which makes them an ideal pet for families with young children. Sheepadoodles are highly obedient and easy to train—they even make fantastic therapy dogs and emotional support companions.

Caring For Your Sheepadoodle

Generally speaking, sheepadoodles are friendly, easygoing, and easy to care for. Your sheepadoodle will require fairly regular grooming to prevent knots or mats—for reference, all our dogs get warm baths every two weeks. Expect to brush your pooch no less than two to three times per week to keep their coat looking its best.

Regular teeth brushing and nail trimming is advantageous to your sheepadoodle’s health; we recommend finding a professional groomer you trust and following their personalized recommendations.

Your sheepadoodle will also require quite a bit of mental and physical stimulation. Adult sheepadoodles do best with about an hour of physical activity per day, complemented by brain games, puzzles, and toys to keep them mentally engaged. Early socialization, lots of positive reinforcement, and puppy training classes are a great way to help your sheepadoodle pup start life on the right foot.

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