Old English Sheepdogs: Everything You Want to Know

In addition to producing lovable sheepadoodle pups, we’re also proud to produce Old English sheepdog puppies right here in the heart of Luray, Virginia. Unlike sheepadoodles, Old English sheepdogs are something of a classic breed—they’re purebred dogs that have been part of human culture for centuries. Today, their trademark fluff and charming personalities make them a favorite for families all over the world.

Keep reading to learn more about Old English sheepdogs’ personalities, care requirements, and whether an Old English sheepdog might be the perfect fit for your family.

Where do Old English Sheepdogs Come From?

Historically, Old English sheepdogs were bred as drovers. Most popular during the 1800s, they were known as working dogs who helped farmers herd cattle and sheep all the way to market. While most Old English sheepdogs live much cushier lives today, they maintain the same wit and loyalty, making them a long-time favorite breed.

Old English Sheepdog Characteristics

Old English sheepdogs are most easily recognized by their archetypical long, shaggy coats and peekaboo hairdos. Though they look soft (and are superior cuddlers, if we do say so ourselves), they’re also quite strong—some even compare their gait to that of a small bear. They’re very nimble, agile dogs who will almost certainly be able to keep up with you on almost any athletic endeavor. Even so, they’re usually able to easily separate outside playtime from inside laze time, and they’re known for having excellent indoor manners.

Though they do require daily exercise, Old English sheepdogs are gentle, loving, and loyal enough to make excellent playmates for children. They’re known to keep a watchful eye on “their” children and won’t shy away from courageously protecting their family in a pinch.

Caring For Your Old English Sheepdog

Like other shaggy dog breeds, Old English sheepdogs require frequent grooming. Because their long hair is prone to tangles, daily brushing is encouraged. Regular baths will help keep all that glorious fur from holding onto dirt and bacteria—for reference, all our dogs get warm baths every two weeks. Caring for your Old English sheepdog’s coat can be a bit time consuming, but with a little commitment and the aid of a knowledgeable groomer, your pup will have no trouble maintaining their snuggly, fuzzy, extra-huggable appearance.

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